The Durutti Column: Bonus Live (From Four Factory Records)


Kooky 2009. Kookydisc 027/4

Discogs (This link is for the whole box, but only disc 4 is presented here.)

This is the remaining bonus disc from the Kooky Boxed set as requested by Charles.  The other one is here.

This is, as you’ve probably figured out, a collection of live tracks from the same period as the four factory albums were recorded, taken from three very different gigs.  The first, Glasgow 1982 is classic Durutti – no great surprises.  The second, LSE 1984 is very different and includes keyboards, a brass section and a violin, in step with the studio recordings he made around that time.  The final gig, the Zap Club Brighton, also from 1984 is similarly embellished, but has a more recognisably Durutti sound.

If you want to know which tracks were recorded at which gig, look at the tagging info which comes with the files. It’s in “properties”.

There will be more Durutti Column to come when I’ve figured out which of my huge pile of their albums is currently out of print.

As before, if you enjoy this, head over to his web site and buy something. Vini could use the cash, and you’ll enjoy the music.

  1. Very nice! Thank you. Some great tracks on this CD. I think I’ve only ever heard the 1 version of Party and it’s always been a favourite of mine, so it’s great to hear this live. Those Mercy tracks are fantastic too. I’ve also been enjoying that Jazz Butcher album too. I never really got into his stuff in the eighties, but I might have to do a little more research on his band. The album sounds great! Once again thanks for the work you put into this site. It’s really appreciated.

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