Various Artists: Double Articulation > Another Plateau

Various Artists - Utopian diaries. Double articulation.

Sub Rosa 1996.  SR110


This is the third and final compilation released in tribute to the late French philosopher Gilles Deleuze.  The first is here, and the second, which is a companion to this one, is here.  Essentially this album is a remix of Folds and Rhizomes; the various artists have swapped tapes and reworked each others contributions.  It’s a pretty successful project – after all the contributors mostly represent the cream of 90s electronica.  As usual, I reckon Mouse On Mars is the highlight, both the Scanner remix of Subnubus and their remix of the fourth track which seems to include everyone.

This is mostly minimal electronica.  If you want to know more, the links above give a more detailed description of what to expect.

  1. any chance of re-upping this as the file hoster says it’s not there due to an error..
    cheers for some interesting tunes by the way

    1. Hi Albert,

      I’ve just checked and it downloads OK for me. Maybe they were doing some maintenance earlier. Give it another try now it seems to be working. If you still can’t download it, I’ll upload a second copy somewhere else.

  2. I’ll give it a try later as I keep getting a database error has occured..

  3. Re-upped

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