Various Artists: Beauty


The Pink Label, 1987.  PINKY 15


“One Of The Dads” asked for some McCarthy recently.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything other than this rather fine Pink compilation, but they were a great label with a strong identity, so I hope he enjoys it.

That Petrol Emotion have appeared here before and will do again in future; Keen was their first single.  Rumblefish were quite a favourite back in the day – I’m an absolute sucker for an earnest pop song with a trumpet part, but they have a retrospective out, so I can’t post anything other than this.  There’ll be more from the June Brides at some point too.  Of all the tracks here it’s The Wolfhounds’ Anti-Midas Touch  which is most familiar, which is odd as I have nothing by them other than this.  I guess Peel must have played it a lot.

I’ve done a spot of re-uploading in the last few days.  Anything with 4shared, zshare or slingfile links will work.  A few ultramegabit links still work too.  If you’ve missed anything, it could well be up again.  Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed.

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