Us: Born In The North


Wooden 1988.  WOOD 6


This single barely sold at all, and is now largely forgotten.  That’s not because of the quality of the music, nor of the performers.  I suspect the problem was than no-one had any idea who “Us” were and Wooden had virtually no distribution.

In effect this single is by A Guy Called Gerald, with Edward Barton on vocals.  It’s from the same period as Voodoo Ray, and I think is almost as good.  Like its better known companion, this is a superb slab of acid house; minimalist and menacing.  Barton’s odd vocals work surprisingly well in this context, as does the sample of the hateful Edwina Currie indulging in a spot of victim blaming.  As you’ll know if you follow this blog, I like politics in music, and this works well on that score.  If you’re familiar with the UK you’ll know of the huge and ever growing gulf between the wealthy south-east and the rest of the country.  Back in 1988 it was bad enough, but it’s grown substantially since then, and it’s good to see musicians expressing their anger about it, and the politicians who seek to perpetuate the divide.

  1. Holy shit! Fucking classic jam! THANKS!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves this stuff..

    I’m a bit miffed though that wordpress lets you swear in the comments. When I try, it censors me! The other day it would even let me say Dub S*x and I’m the administrator here. Oh and just to clear up any misunderstanding, I approve of swearing. Swear away.

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