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KLF 1990.  SPACE CD 1


This album was intended to be The Orb’s debut and was worked on by Alex Patterson and Jimmy Cauty.  However the two fell out, so Cauty removed Patterson’s contributions, finished it himself and released it as Space.  It is of course well known what happened to Alex Patterson..

It works as a companion piece to the KLF’s groundbreaking Chill Out (which I’ll post another time), although it was nowhere near as well known, probably because it wasn’t released under the KLF moniker.  At the time ambient house was widely regarded as a joke, a typical KLF prank.  After all, how could you possible have dance music without rhythm?  Listening to these albums quickly shows that it wasn’t a joke, they are both as good as anything else the KLF did; in fact I’d argue Chill Out was their best.  Of course the idea of ambient music is an old one; Brian Eno is usually regarded as a pioneer in that area with his album Music For Airports, but you can trace it back further than that, for example with early Tangerine Dream, and even further with Satie’s Vexations.  All that was new was who it was being made by and the audience.

Space is very sparse.  It has long silent gaps, and when there is sound, there’s not much of it.  But like Chill Out it’s beautifully constructed and on its own terms it works well.   The cover gives a tracklisting which is just the names of the planets in order of their distance from the sun, just like Holst used for his Planets suite.  However the CD has only one long track, so it’s up to the listener to figure out what’s what.

The album was never officially re-pressed so became insanely rare very quickly.  Inevitably it was widely bootlegged; in fact most extant copies are bootlegs.  This however is a rip of the real thing; the original CD issue.  Whether it’s different to the bootlegs I have no idea, although bootleggers aren’t exactly renowned for being worried about sound quality.

  1. Thank you for posting this Space CD, it looks interesting. Unfortunately, the link seems to be broken and the file cannot be downloaded. Would it be possible for you to check the link and see if it can be fixed? Has anyone else had trouble trying to download this file? It would be great if you could look into it. Thank you. And thank you for all of the great music that you post, you have a very nice blog here. All lossless… yeah!!!

  2. Hi there, it’s had a lot of downloads, but you’re the first to say there’s a problem. I’ll test it tomorrow and post how it goes.

    There do seem to be occasional problems like this – I’ve had a couple of messages like yours before – people who’ve downloaded other files from here no problem, then can’t get something to work which other people have no problem with…

    Ultramegabit works better with some browsers than others – I normally use Opera, but sometimes Ultramegabit doesn’t like it – when that happens using Firefox usually sorts it.

    Glad you like the blog!

  3. Hello! Thank you for your quick response! I just tried it once again and… no luck. I reach the page with the ‘Re-Captcha’ phrase, I enter the phrase, and then it times out. Every time. I am anxious to see if you are able to download it. If you are, then there must be a problem here on my end. I am using Firefox 21.0, but I don’t have Opera. I suppose I could try it with Internet Explorer, but I haven’t used that one in years. I will check back tomorrow to see what you find. Thank you again.

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve just tested the download and it works for me using Opera. Ultramegabit also recommend Chrome, so you could try that.

    It sounds like a browser issue to me, but you could double check by downloading something else.

    If all else fails, get a friend to download it and copy it from him – sometimes that’s easier than trying to sort out why you can’t do it.

    Good luck.

  5. Hello once again. I would like to thank you for all of your kindness in trying to help me out with this download. I appreciate you checking the link for me and your advice on the recommended browsers to be used for downloading.

    Since reading your last reply I have downloaded and installed both Opera and Chrome, and I am sorry to report that I STILL cannot download this file! I assumed that after installing both Opera and Chrome that at least one of them would work for me, but I am still timing out on the download (after entering the Captcha phrase, but before the download begins) and then getting the message that my time limit has expired and I need to wait for an hour before I can try again. I really don\’t know why this is happening, as I have downloaded from this site previously with no problems.

    Again, I would like to thank you for all of the help that you\’ve offered. I really don\’t know what I might be doing wrong… if anyone else here has any suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them. I would hate to think that I might be unable to download any posts from this site in the future. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing what might be posted next!

  6. Hi there,

    In my experience filehosts are a bit flaky. It might be better if I paid for a premium membership, and maybe I’ll do that if I get enough downloads to generate the money, but right now it’s not even close to that.

    Try this link:


    Good luck.

  7. Hello again. You will be pleased to know that the bitupload link that you posted for this file has worked like a charm. All of the trouble that you have gone through with me, first making recommendations regarding browsers and then finally re-uploading this to a different file host, has not been in vain.

    Last evening I checked this site and saw that you had provided a new link for this download. I clicked and was able to download effortlessly on the first try. I am listening to ‘Space’ right now and I must say, I truly appreciate all of the trouble that you’ve gone through to help me hear this music. I honestly never thought it would reach a point where you would need to try a different file host, but I am so glad that you did. That bitupload link worked perfectly for me, whereas the ultramegabit link would not work at all.

    I would urge anyone who may have had trouble downloading this from ultramegabit to try the new bitupload link. It worked flawlessly for me using my standard Firefox browser, and I doubt that I would have been able to find/hear/download this release anywhere else. Thank you Vinyl301, you are the best!

  8. You’re welcome. Actually re-uploading stuff takes very little time.

    I’m searching around for a more reliable filehost at the moment, but really I don’t think these problems will ever go away.

  9. Re-upped

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