The Shamen: Drop


Moksha 1987.  SOMACD1


Luke Marshall wanted to hear this, which seemed like a good enough reason to dig it out.

If you’re only familiar with the Shamen’s drug soaked dance records, this psychedelic pop album, their debut, might come as a bit of a surprise.  It’s still recognisably them, mainly because of the vocals, but the style is very different.

It’s a strong album – the song writing is very good and they pull off the retro psychedelic sound with aplomb.  Vocal harmonies, mad guitar effects; it’s all there and remarkably well played for a debut album.  It also hangs together pretty well as a coherent whole.

  1. Thank you. This is beautiful really

    I used to have What’s Going Down? and Strange Day Dreams CD Compilations long ago
    but they came to me in an unappropriate moment that is because I was the craziest fan
    of En-Tact and In Gorbachev so I passed those CDs away. Now I regret.

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